Day 2 at SFotR 10

2016/04/02 Blog 0

Super Exciting times! We will be here at the Sheraton all today and tomorrow with lots of new things in stock. Pictures and updates to come soon!

Day 1 at ATLANTI-CON 2 in Corner Brook!

2013/09/28 ATLANTI-CON 0

We’re here! Bag of Holdings is back in Corner Brook for the second annual ATLANTI-CON convention! We’re on the second floor of the Grenfell Campus, around the bend and just past the Empire Atlantic table. If you were here last year and enjoyed the experience, it’s even better this year! The venue is spacious and… Read more

We’re on the way to Atlanti-Con 2 in Corner Brook!

2013/09/27 ATLANTI-CON 0

Bag of Holdings is in transit to the west coast right now!. We’ll be selling our arts and crafts in the vender room tomorrow morning and accepting Visa or MasterCard in addition to cash! Be sure to check us out starting at 9 AM at the Grenfell Campus, even if just to say hi :)

The Final Hours at Sci-Fi on the Rock!

2013/04/28 Sci-Fi on the Rock 0

Only a couple hours to go at Sci-Fi on the Rock and there is still quite a crowd. Still time to make it down before closing time at 6! Be sure to check out the Bag of Holdings table in the vendor room across from the Timemasters table! We still have plenty of buttons, bottle… Read more

We are at Sci-Fi on the Rock Right Now!

2013/04/26 Sci-Fi on the Rock 0

Friday through Sunday, Bag of Holdings is at Sci-Fi on the Rock 7 at the Holiday Inn, 180 Portugal Cove Rd, St. John’s, NL. Drop in and Visit us across from the Timemasters Table! It’s still early but we’re having a lot of fun and it looks like there’s a good turnout already! More reports… Read more

Available necklace chain colours

2013/03/22 Bottle Charms Charms 8

Necklace chains for Bag of Holdings charms are approx. 25.5 inch long ball chains and come in a variety of colours: red, gold, brass, aqua, blue, pink, purple, white, black, and silver!

Finally… Etsy Shop Items!

2013/03/08 Crafts 0

Check out our debut Etsy Shop items at!


2012/10/04 Events 0

We had a good time at ATLANTI-CON 2012. We’d like to share some of what we experienced at the convention. Click the link below for a gallery of some of the photos we took! ATLANTI-CON 2012 Gallery