My name is Nikki, I am one of co-founders of Bag of Holdings. I am in university studying Archaeology and German. I love traveling and will take any opportunity to do so. I am 23 years old and enjoy lots of geeky, nerdy and sci-fi things. I love playing video games and am super into Professor Layton games right now. I love puzzles and challenges which is probably why I enjoy making bead art. Right now I am very into Doctor Who, Torchwood, Game of Thrones (as well as reading a Song of Ice and Fire), The Walking Dead, and Sherlock.

I have always been crafty and into making things by hand but a few years ago my interest really peaked when me and my friends attended Fan Expo in Toronto. It started with me learning that I had a natural talent for sewing and creating patterns after I decided to make my own costume (Alice from American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland) . The dress was rather complicated but instead of finding it daunting I found it fun.

While at the convention we met many people who were creating and selling their own arts and crafts. We became particularly interested in button making. Within a few months me and Sara had decided to team up and buy a button maker of our own. We started slowly but surely making more of our own things as well as things together. I now make almost anything I can sew as well as jewelery and charms with hama beads. Together we made hundreds of different button and magnet designs and are working on domed glass necklaces.

Although I don’t have as much time as I like to devote to crafting because of school I try to make something at least every second day. I love traveling to conventions and meeting people with similar interests and seeing what they have to share

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