sara and leeloo

Hello there!

My name is Sara and I am one of the Co-founders of the Bag of Holdings Team! The lovely kitty in the picture is Vice-President Leeloo. She is of course the cutest. I mostly handle things like paintings, button design, graphic design, bottle jewellery and charms design, glass jewellery design, wooden earrings, plushies magnets, and other such nick-knacks!

I like a wide variety of crafty things, mostly sculpting, painting, and jewellery craft. Sewing is a lesser pass time as I have to do it all by hand due to my lack of sewing machine! Bag of Holdings holds a special place in my heart, as it is not only my baby, but also an outlet for my creativity. I also like costume design, and have dabbled in paper mache, and prop design, but most of my costumes are more simple fabric pieces.

I love to travel so I do frequent a variety of places as well as different conventions, which are for the moment in and around Newfoundland or Toronto. (Although we have never vendor-visted the TO cons!)

Other stuff I do… Hmmm… OH YEAH! I’m a student in my spare time! I recently completed a B.Sc. Biology and I’m currently doing my post-grad diploma in Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management. What the future holds? Who knows! As long as I can still craft and play video games I’m happy as a clam :3

Sara and Nikki
Sara and Nikki after the first night of Sci-Fi on the Rock 6, at Dominion getting snacks when SUDDENLY, DOUBLE BANANA! (Actually plantains)

Nikki and I started with this adVenture sometime after we visited the 2011 FanExpo in Toronto, Ontario, CA. Our next trip was to PeninsulaCon in Marystown, Newfoundland, CA in November 2011 where we started with a a handful of items. I had all hand painted wooden jewellery (mushroom earrings, heart case earrings, eyeball necklaces, pokeballs, and companion cubes). I made $20 which covered my food and gas for the weekend! Not being discouraged by my lack of sales (justified by the lack of people, as it was a very small con in its first year), Nikki and I teamed with The Geek Keepers, Jen and Kris, and we proceeded in April 2012 to Sci-Fi on the Rock VI! On my half it was a moderate success, but the con was pretty big! September 2012 Nikki and I went to the first annual Atlanti-Con in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CA. Even though it was small, it was a great success!

We will still traverse the universe in search of cons, the next on the list is April 2013 Sci Fi on the Rock VII! See you there!

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